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*An after-school program learning how to workout, fuel your body with food and challenge your body to become a healthier and fit you!

* Program is for females in middle school, high school, and staff who want to increase their body awareness through challenging exercise and better eating habits.

*It’s a great way to de-stress after school - you will learn about exercise and nutrition, while getting a great workout and optimizing your workout with a healthy snack!

Fitness Challenge
*Fitness Challenge is an after-school program that takes your students through six weeks of physical training to improve their fitness level as well as to learn the basics of healthy eating.

*The program entails full body workouts involving both cardiovascular fitness and resistance training. Each week will focus on a different concept, with the workouts becoming more challenging as the weeks progress. 

*The workouts’ focus will be on improving muscular strength and agility, power, speed and balance. 

*Program great for both male and female students! Program can be done in almost any available space around or outside of the school.

*You will also learn other creative ways to challenge yourself and make physical fitness a priority in your every day life. Fitness Challenge is a great way to learn about healthy lifestyles and motivate yourself so you can become FIT! 
Jackie The Trainer
Helping you reach your fitness goals!
School Programs
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 [email protected] or call 248-914-0588
*These after-school programs are designed to fit your school's fitness needs. Program can be as few as six week or as many as twelve weeks. Each program encourages healthy lifestyles; incorporating nutrition, exercise and positive body image.
Program running at Grosse Pointe North High School since Spring 2010

Program running at International Academy Campus' located in White Lake, Bloomfield Hills and Troy, MI since Fall 2008
**Please consult with a physician before beginning any program.